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The missing secret


You want something, right? You are not here by accident. You are looking for a way, for an answer or maybe for “the secret”. I know how you feel. I was just like you, single, not confident, scared of women and very afraid of being rejected. I always thought in my mind that girls don’t like me and I need to have special powers to be loved. I always thought that women want super sexy guys like Leo, Brad, Gerard (they are all actors :)) who are rich or have lots of money.

I always thought that if you want a girlfriend you need to have and be more than you have and are right now, more than your intelligence, your skills (good or bad) and so on. I was AFRAID ot be myself, until I had it enough. I was sick of being single, miserable and furious of myself. All of my best friends had relationships, were pretty good with women and I was the black sheep. Some of them were not so smart, or funny, or good looking but they had something that I had not.

I’m not Brad Pitt, but I am good looking guy (I know that :)) am I smart, funny, I have lots of friends and am I very social. With all of that, something was missing, I felt single, I didn’t felt loved and it sucked. I felt like this for a good few years. I thought that I will be single for the rest of my life, until… I found “the missing link”, I found out what I was doing wrong, I found what was my problem. It was my attitude and my attachment that I had in the result. I always wanted to have 100% success with all the girls that I talked to. I found all of the answers in the book: Tao of Badass, Everything You Have To Know To Be A Complete Badass With Women by Joshua Pellicer.

Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Dan and I am a man that, until recently, had a lot of trouble talking with women, not to mention getting a date. The reason is simple, I, like most of you reading this book most probably, was a shy person without that much confidence in either me or my own powers. I always wanted to find something that can help me gain more confidence, because years passed, and I didn’t even have the courage to invite a girl out.

Why I am writing this

Maybe right now you are wondering why I am writing this. I want to help you. I’ve searched for answers for a very long time, I had suffered enough and I know that you are special and deserve all the best in the world. If you are looking for happiness, than read this, it may change your life, if not, feel free to leave this page, because this is not for you.

As I said before, I was single for many years, and I didn’t love nor appreciate myself at all. Instead I always wanted to make others responsible for my failures, while also not being able to stand in front of a woman without blushing, and in many times I actually didn’t manage to speak at all. In fact, even the past year I fell in love with a girl but didn’t have enough courage to tell her how I feel, and because of that in a very short period of time she found another person.. I was heartbroken and decided that if there is something I can do, I have to do it right now, as fast as possible.

With anger and desperation in mind I turned out to book stores, but they didn’t help me at all, in fact I actually got even more confused in the end. More and more desperation started to pour through my veins, so I thought that my last resort would be the web. So after days of research and reading seduction guides, how to’s and other crappy articles I found it. I found The Tao of Badass and download it in PDF format for my Kindle. I must say this right now. In my opinion, this is the best book about seduction that exists on the planet Earth, because it has all the dating tips you need. At first I thought it was something about Buddhist monks, with all the Tao Way and Tao System, then I thought it will be a guide to get laid with all the girls. The book it’s not about that only if you want to use it in “evil ways” :), I am kidding of course.


How did the Tao of Badass PDF helped me?

After around 2-3 days of continuous research, I got to find out about the Tao of Badass PDF book. The author claimed that once I checked out the Tao of Badass download page I would be able to learn how to speak to women, overcome shyness and have more confidence in my own powers.

I went onward and checked the Tao of Badass PDF and I was actually very impressed with the outcome. The book not only manages to bring in a lot of information about gaining the necessary confidence, but it also helps you understand what it has to be done from your side in order to talk with women and thus obtain the desired results at all times.

The thing I liked the most in this Tao of Badass is the fact that the book is very good and to the point, so it tells you the exact guidelines that will help you land the date you want, with any girl. It’s the best dating book I managed to find online, and trust me that I went through them all…

Should you download the Tao of Badass in PDF?

YES! Because, once I checked the Tao of Badass chapters I immediately realized that this is a must buy, because I enjoyed the stellar explanations and the high quality results that the book written by Joshua Pellicer provides. In fact, the Joshua Pellicer system does a great job in providing you with an astounding quality and professional results that are set to last for a very long time, that’s for sure.

The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer is focused mostly on helping you find a guideline that helps overcome fears, something that most shy people like you and me have in common. Thankfully, these are things that can be easily avoided as long as you work hard on this, and the results will definitely be astonishing in this regard. In order to do that, you have to check out the Tao of Badass pdf free download, and you can rest assured that numerous changes will start to appear in your life. I assure you that after reading it you will be able to pick up girls more easily, to attract women in your life.

Deep within the Tao of Badass download you can also find precious information that pertains to how you can read the body language of a woman, understand what you have to do in order to get in their graces and start a relationship. It also tells you about how you should act during a date, what things to avoid and so on. Let’s face it, this book is a stunning diamond, one that you will definitely appreciate right from the start as you peruse this book. It’s a great, extraordinary book with lots of cool stuff and I loved it right from the start.

But maybe the best part about the Tao of Badass PDF is that this particular book just works. I am the living proof, after following what the author said, I managed to overcome shyness and started to speak with lots of women. In fact, due to that I now have a loving, beautiful girlfriend that enriches my life and which brings sense to me as a person. I encourage you to give this Tao of Badass PDF book a try, it’s one of the best ones that you can find out there when it comes to overcoming your shyness, so don’t hesitate and take full advantage of this stellar opportunity, I did and I now have a wonderful girlfriend!

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